Monthly Archive: October, 2008


I’m helping with the organization of the Informal Meeting of Heads of State and Government, which will be held on 7 November… Jesus still on holiday…

Nothing new

My boss is on holiday and I’ve nothing to do…booooring!


After Coreper the day goes on quite boring…


I’m extremely tired after this week spent preparing and attending the European Council…Today we trainees went to NATO and had an interesting briefing about the organization, its mission and so on…I couldn’t keep… Continue reading

European Council: part II

European Council is still going on…I’m working in tha hall today…

The Day Came…

European Council: -1

Busy, busy, busy!!! Journalists are going mad, telephone is ringing and the background note to write…finally I’ve lots of things to do!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! The Venetian who is in me is really satisfied! 😉 18:50 I’m still… Continue reading

European Council: -2

European Council is approaching…

Preparing European Council

I’ve been a bit more busy during these days and I wrote nothing here!!! I’m working in another office, helping with the organization of the next European Council, which will be held the 15th and 16th… Continue reading


Two interviews today…Mr de Kerchove came with his legal after the nice game of the Observer journalist…tomorrow I will work in another office dealing with the accreditation of journalists for the European Council… Continue reading