Who plays dirty?

It’s incredible how journalists can manipulate the truth, only by reporting a quote accompanied by the right words…today I spent the morning doing the transcript of with the interview with the famous Jason Burke…Oh my God this man, this Jason Burke, distorted all the sense of the interview, all Gilles de Kerchove wanted to say, all that he said…and the British press is supposed to be neutral???!!! This is not neutralism!! This is not the impartial eye of the journalist who has to consider all the facts…this is deliberate distorption of facts!! And I know it very well as I was part of the editorial staff of a television! I know very well what makes a news attractive…well…this man attracted the attention by claiming that the chief of counter-terrorism of EU said to be more tough with the Muslims…totally false and tendentious!!! I had no words…I’m disgusted! Political parties and lobbysm aim to reach even such newspapers! Incredible!