Having a blog, being on stage

Today I was thinking I had to write something on this blog and I wonder how people can really manage to have a blog and update but it everyday…I find it impossible for many reasons, first I’m not so good at constance, second I don’t have a linear method and third there’s a sort of rebellion behind…I often thought to have a blog and communicate myself to the world but there was always something which hit me back…I think it’s because the present world has forgotten what intimacy is…that intimacy which Georg Simmel described so well in his essay…everyone in our sick sad world wants to put feelings, emotions, thoughts, intuitions on the web, trying to reach the most possible range of people in order to open his inner self to perfect strangers…telling every little secret…I’ve always found it really sad…I thought it was a pathetic attempt to show the inconsistency of one’s own existance…perhaps, in this way, people think they can discharge their mind in order to avoid an overburden of information (and we are plenty of infos), but I think that certain memories should be kept in one’s hearts and warmed up by only one person: yourself. You could reproach me I’m too critic or a bit antisocial…actually I usually enjoy being provocative, but I also believe that memories loose their colours if told too much…sometimes happiness is so huge in me that I prefer keeping it in my inner self as long as I can…rare moments! (I’m not talking about present, obviously, as you could be inducted to think…I was only reflecting and…remembering of course… ;))

Anyway…today I’ll strike…i won’t tell anything…not a word…and then…there are parts of my job that I cannot tell to everybody! They’re secrets! 😉 So, today I will sustain intimacy, I’ll kept everything in my mind…perhaps…I’m only a bit lazy…or nothing particular happened to me…who knows? ;D Have a nice time!