Monthly Archive: September, 2008

A new group on Facebook!

There are ten thousands facebook group…European Parliament stagiaire…Commission Trainees…and nothing on the Council??? Let’s create a new one! Council of the European Union trainees!!! Hehehehe!

Who plays dirty?

It’s incredible how journalists can manipulate the truth, only by reporting a quote accompanied by the right words…today I spent the morning doing the transcript of with the interview with the famous Jason… Continue reading

Meeting Jason Burke…

This morning Mr Gilles de Kerchove had an interview with Jason Burke, the chief foreign correspondent of the Observer…I listened to a very interesting interview about Pakistan, Afghanistan and EU…I read something about… Continue reading

Big match

Council of Ministers. The European Pact on Immigration and Asile is closer…


Again Coreper today…we are close to a new directive in Immigration and asile politics in Europe…

I’m ashamed…

This afternoon I was surfing on the net┬ásearching for some infos about E-government, when I run into an article of Financial Times (in Europe it is the most prestigious newspaper about economy issues,… Continue reading

Having a blog, being on stage

Today I was thinking I had to write something on this blog and I wonder how people can really manage to have a blog and update but it everyday…I find it impossible for… Continue reading


No work today for me…rendez-vous avec le medecin…I’m not feeling well actually!

Boring conferences

I’ve hardly written a word in these last days, but I was quite busy… I won’t go to write so much even today as I’m feeling quite bad…throat ache and cold and I… Continue reading

Again Coreper

Coreper…discussing and discussing and discussing even in stupid matters…incredible but foxy lawyers can lock on to even the most stupid thing…and even the most stupid thing could lead to a big problem…aaaah!